For years the people of the world of Amica knew nothing but fear and pain as the Necromancer Arken and his army of undead began to enslave the world one territory at a Emperor.jpgtime. The few remaining territories banded together and formed the Empire of Cielo hoping they could stand against the horde of darkness. At first the legions of Cielo were defeated at every turn with their own dead being turned against them. It wasn’t until Emperor Ramat and a group of his Elite Legionaries finally found the Necromancers lair and lead a surprise attack that the led to the demise of Arken. With the Necromancers death, the Empire of Cielo worked hard to bring the remaining territories under one banner so that they would never fall under the shadow of terror again. Under a banner of peace the people of the world of Amica formed a new Kingdom, one they named Hasharon in honor of Ramat’s family and the ultimate sacrifice he paid in the end.

BarnacleSoldier.jpg Since then the The Kingdom of Hasharon has been united for 10 Royal Cycles (750 years) thanks to the hard work of those that created the Ramat Armistice. The Kingdom is comprised of 6 Royal Houses, each having an equal vote in the Royal Election to nominate the new Emperor. It is a time of celebration in the Kingdom as the Council has finally decided on a new Emperor to rule for the next 75 years. Each House is required to send a delegation to the Coronation in the capital city to celebrate and renew their Houses vows to the Kingdom. Although the larger cities themselves have been celebrating, those that live on the outskirts have encountered new and dangerous creatures that are stirring in the border lands.

The new Emperor has promised to put down whatever threatensTentacleSoldier.jpg this Unified Kingdom as all of his previous predecessors have. To do this he has invited the best Military Minds to the capital to meet with him after the Coronation. The Royal houses are sending our Player Characters because the turmoil and disaster in their homes occupy their time. The towers are falling, Royals are missing, and danger looms around every corner. They will need to work together, find new allies and learn new skills to combat the coming storm of darkness.

The Fallen Royals

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